28. Wrestling with love – Gratitude, lament, and hope in our God

Episode 28 December 29, 2021 00:27:31
28. Wrestling with love – Gratitude, lament, and hope in our God
The Testimony Podcast
28. Wrestling with love – Gratitude, lament, and hope in our God

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 28 of the Testimony Podcast, this episode is the second part of a conversation I had with Sara Hall.

If you’ve not listened to the first part, which is featured in episode 27, then I suggest you go and listen to that first. Sara is a wife, a mum, a blogger, counselor and author of “Tasting Dirt – When you’re disappointed with God” and in this episode, we talk about gratitude, including Sara’s own twelve thousand reasons for gratitude. We also talk about the helpfulness and honesty of lament, and its importance for healing, and the process of putting all of our faith and hope in the Lord.

I think this episode, together with the previous episode, number 27, contains an essential message for Christians today.


I was greatly blessed by talking to Sara, I hope you are blessed by listening to our conversation.

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