15. God still cares for me, with Alianore Smith

Episode 15 March 10, 2021 00:51:17
15. God still cares for me, with Alianore Smith
The Testimony Podcast
15. God still cares for me, with Alianore Smith

Mar 10 2021 | 00:51:17


Show Notes

My guest today grew up in what she calls a 'double clergy family' that is, both her mother and father were priests in the church of England. As a result of this she lived in clergy houses, and the family moved with the requirements of the jobs her parents had.

Things were not always easy as she grew up, and she would often get angry with God, sometimes believing that He had stopped caring about her, that He had other more important matters to attend to. 

But she eventually discovered that God still cared for her and that, in her words, He always repays. 

My guest today is Alianore Smith, theologian, advocate for justice and, like you listening to this, very much a loved and cared for child of God.

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