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Latest Episodes…

  1. 14. In triumph and in difficulty, with Mark Greene

    My guest today grew up in a Jewish family, and came to faith in Jesus as a student at Cambridge. He spent a decade working in advertising, in London and New York, and later spent over 20 years as the head of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He has ...


  2. 13. Inviting Jesus to the party, with Revd Peterson Feital

    My guest for this episode is a man who grew up in Rio de Janero in Brazil, suffered violence and sexual abuse as a child and even tried to take his own life at the age of just five. In his desperation he visited a church and there he heard about ...


  3. 12. Grief and gratitude, with Professor Prabhu Guptara

    My guest for this episode is a man who has had an international career working in academia, broadcasting, and business consultancy. For over twenty years he was employed at the very highest level by the Swiss bank UBS, advising on threats and opportunities to their busienss.  After a long journey of ...


  4. 11. Rediscovering grace, with Sarah Rhea Werner

    My guest for this episode is Sarah Rhea Werner: podcast host, writer, and encouraging voice to creative people everywhere. In this episode we talk about finding your own way to faith when you’ve grown up immersed in church, and how God can give you signs and encouragements on your journey ...


  5. 10. The 'scum of the earth'! With Mike Sares

      What happens to those who want to go to church but are outside the mainstream: the misfits, the creative types, the outsiders, the right brained and the left behind? The people who want to follow Jesus but somehow don’t fit? Well my guest today knows and loves those kinds of ...