13. Inviting Jesus to the party, with Revd Peterson Feital

Episode 13 February 06, 2021 00:43:20
13. Inviting Jesus to the party, with Revd Peterson Feital
The Testimony Podcast
13. Inviting Jesus to the party, with Revd Peterson Feital

Feb 06 2021 | 00:43:20


Show Notes

My guest for this episode is a man who grew up in Rio de Janero in Brazil, suffered violence and sexual abuse as a child and even tried to take his own life at the age of just five.

In his desperation he visited a church and there he heard about Jesus and came to faith. His travels took him to Ridley Hall, the Anglican training college in Cambridge and over the years he has struggled to work out his vocation as an exuberant, black, entrepreneurial and extrovert Christian, in church structures which have tended to constrain him. During his time in Cambridge he discovered a passion to serve creative people and artists, and now he serves as a Missioner to Creative people on the capital, and asw the CEO of The Haven London, a charity that is dedicated to supporting the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the creative community in London.

My guest today is Revd Peterson Feital, a man with a vision to serve creative people and celebrate who they are, and also vision to see the church move from diversity, where everyone has a place at the table, to inclusion where everyone belongs. He is by his own admission, the guy who wants to invite Jesus to the party.

This is his story.

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