16. Do what you are called to do, with Ram Gidoomal CBE

Episode 16 March 24, 2021 00:51:16
16. Do what you are called to do, with Ram Gidoomal CBE
The Testimony Podcast
16. Do what you are called to do, with Ram Gidoomal CBE

Mar 24 2021 | 00:51:16


Show Notes

My guest for this episode is someone who has an abiding memory of what it is to be a refugee. At the age of 16 he had to flee from Kenya and ended up as one of a family of fifteen living in a little corner shop in Shepherd’s Bush in London in 1967.

He was brought up in a Hindu family, but was also influenced by the Sikh faith, and he spent a number of years at a Muslim school. But when he was a student at Imperial College in London he encountered some followers of Jesus, and this had a profound influence on his life.

Today he can look back on a distinguished career in business and civic life, and he has plenty of stories to tell from it. My guest today is the author, entrepreneur, and former refugee Ram Gidoomal, a man who knows what it is to start with nothing and still build a successful career, and still have time to serve on the boards of a number of public and charitable organisations, and then be awarded a CBE in recognition of that service.

This is his story.

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