21. Trusting the God who loves you - with Amanda Gray

Episode 21 July 28, 2021 00:37:03
21. Trusting the God who loves you - with Amanda Gray
The Testimony Podcast
21. Trusting the God who loves you - with Amanda Gray

Jul 28 2021 | 00:37:03


Show Notes

I’ve been reminded a few times recently of two deep truths of the faith, and how they are connected. The first of these is the deepest truth of all, that God loves us, each of us, you and me, whoever we are, whatever our circumstances.  

The second truth, which as I say connects to this, is that God, our saviour, our friend, our Lord, longs for us to trust him, with our lives and our hearts.

These two truths, of God’s love and His trustworthiness, play a significant role in this episode, where my guest, Amanda Gray tells us about the occasions when God has asked both her and her family to trust Him, and trust Him, and trust Him again.

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