18.That which seems impossible God will make possible

Episode 18 May 11, 2021 00:44:51
18.That which seems impossible God will make possible
The Testimony Podcast
18.That which seems impossible God will make possible

May 11 2021 | 00:44:51


Show Notes

My guest for this episode is someone who has spent nearly twenty years faithfully pursuing what seems like an impossible task. 

He is following a calling from God to build a piece of public art in England that will be a visible demonstration of God’s answers to prayer. The Eternal Wall of answered prayer, or Eternal Wall as it’s referred to is designed in the shape of a Mobius band, an infinity loop that will stand over 50 metres tall and contain over 1 million bricks. Each of these bricks will represent an answered prayer and visitors to the Eternal Wall will be able to access the story for each prayer, and search for answered prayers on different themes and issues.

So who is the guy behind this project, what are the challenges he has had to overcome? How has Jesus been his companion on this journey and what lessons has Jesus taught my guest along the way?

These are important questions for a man who believes that the journey we take as we seek God in prayer is actually more important than the answer we receive.

That man is the leader of the eternal wall project, his name is Richard Gamble and this is his story.

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