26. Telling the story well with Geoff Peters

Episode 26 November 19, 2021 00:50:40
26.  Telling the story well with Geoff Peters
The Testimony Podcast
26. Telling the story well with Geoff Peters

Nov 19 2021 | 00:50:40


Show Notes

Hello and welcome to episode 26 of the Testimony Podcast.

My guest today is Geoff Peters, something of a tearaway in his youth for his mother, Geoff got a place at university and although he had a church upbringing, he really came to faith in college. He then went on to an extremely short-lived career with one of the top Public Relations firms in the world, and after that, he took his passion for presenting a message and communicating it clearly and worked for an organization that helped churches understand the demographics of their local communities. He now serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Operation Mobilisation, a global Christian Missions movement.

 Geoff has a passion to release people of faith into their calling and equipping them to follow Jesus by living out God’s love in their neighbourhoods and he is the author of the newly published "The Family Business" a parable about stepping into the life you were made for; this is his story.

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